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Latest birds for sale in bedfordshire

  • Wednesday 15th July 2015
  •   bedfordshire
    Parrot wanted
    I would like an African grey or Green amazon parrot, I would ideally like a talking bird ....

  • Tuesday 24th March 2015
  •  £15 - bedfordshire
    Fertile Parrot Eggs For Sale
    we are specialized in the breeding of birds/parrots and we sell very fertile candle lit eggs of all species of parrots. all our eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our ....

  • Tuesday 10th March 2015
  •  £100 - bedfordshire
    Parrots For Sale mitzney.prodsky@gmail.com whatsapp 0023776149338
    Lovely parrots for sale. we have different species available. we also have eggs available.very healthy and adorable.has all papers.contact for more details email or whatsapp ....

  • Wednesday 4th March 2015
  •  £500 - bedfordshire
    Talking African grey parrots for sale
    Super Tamed African grey babies for sale now at affordable prices. All our babies come with a Birth certificate and insurance, we do offer our babies at £700 if a full setup ....

  • Friday 14th November 2014
  •  £300 - bedfordshire
    Cute African Grey Parrot Birds For Adoption
    these little hookbills are active parrots that despite their size appreciate a larger cage so they can move around more. They have fun playing with their toys and will amuse ....

  • Sunday 28th September 2014
  •   bedfordshire
    Hand tame budgie required as a companion to another budgie
    Young budgie required, hand tame to go be a companion to one I have already. My daughter tamed this one but I do not have time to tame a new ....

  • Sunday 3rd August 2014
  •   bedfordshire
    wanted african grey parrot hand tame
    african grey parrot hand reared and tame for a family pet ....

  • Tuesday 4th February 2014
  •   bedfordshire
    love bird wanted
    Peach faced love bird ....

  • Tuesday 6th August 2013
  •   bedfordshire
    Parrotles wanted
    hello. I\'m looking for a pair of parrotlets , if you have any for sale then please contacted me asap ....

  • Tuesday 27th November 2012
  •  £25.00 - bedfordshire
    2013 Pure White Rapido Buschaert Squeakers for sale
    Now taking orders for pure white 2013 Rapido Bushaert Squeakers. RPRA rung, PMV vaccinated, medicated for canker, coccidiosis, worms and lice. Parents proven flyers. Racing, wedding release or ornamental. Visitors ....


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