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Latest birds for sale in angus and dundee

  • Saturday 11th July 2015
  •  £800 - angus-and-dundee
    baby galah cockatoo
    17 weeks old gallah cockatoo. Very friendly just loves people. steps up when asked. Sex has not been proven.genuine reason for sale. Comes with a cage travel cage and toys ....

  • Tuesday 28th April 2015
  •   angus-and-dundee
    aviary birds wanted
    Any birds that is suitable for an aviary ....

  • Friday 20th July 2012
  •   angus-and-dundee
    want to buy
    Java sparrows,quails, diamond doves. ....

  • Friday 22nd June 2012
  •   angus-and-dundee
    kakariki\'s cinammin ....

  • Tuesday 29th May 2012
  •   angus-and-dundee
    Canaries Wanted
    would really like 2 red factor hens or any other colour of canaries.Must be hens. ....

  • Thursday 5th April 2012
  •   angus-and-dundee
    wanted a budgie
    looking for a budgie to give a loving home too ....


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